Pretty in Pink


Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.23.03 AM

The Company Store . Heart Felt . $24.00

I was ridiculed for considering writing about love, and for relating it to one of my very favorite palette’s – PINK.  Ridiculed until I erased all reference to it.  How inconsiderate of me to write about a subject, a feeling that other’s might not have …. but while the aggrieved party isn’t paying any attention, I am in fact going to write about it.  Who doesn’t love the innocent hue that is pale pink, a simple heart, a cheerful pouf, a garland that hangs from an otherwise dull cabinet or lonely hearth.  Who could possibly object to loving things that are lovely?

Left:  CB2 Simone Blush Chair $499.  Right:  Quince Branch

Sometimes I even love things that are not lovely.  I call them “good ugly”, but today’s post is about the truly pretty.  It’s about hearts and flowers in the form of furnishings and fabrics that make me happy, and if love is worth its salt – it will make you happy.

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Cole and Sons . Magnolia Lavender – Lee Jofa

It often starts by shopping in the baby section, it sometimes makes it way into kids.  By Preteen it’s too cool to be represented.  It makes an appearance now and again in the world of adult decor, but is often relegated to a single small space – a powder room, a guest bed, a walk in closet where one dresses.  Why when the color makes me so happy should it be delivered in such small doses?

Screen Shot 2018-02-10 at 8.35.58 AM

The Rug Company . Harrington . From $3740.

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day – almost – so I am going to celebrate this warm in the cheeks hue as if I were a kid again.  Here are some of my happiest petal pink, and blushy brights for you to view.

Bright Lights: Big Christmas

I love Christmas.  I’ve already started to listen to holiday tunes.  They make me happy.  Make me feel optimistic.  We haven’t yet arrived at the holiday parties, and the family feuds that dull ones enthusiasm.  This time, before Thanksgiving is untarnished, and the world feels full of blushy innocence.

wish 5

Ben Moore might go ahead and introduce a new color for 2018.  Pantone has launched theirs – a bit hard to believe in my option – but there will be tried and true hues.  Those that inspire, offer a nod to elegance and innocence and possibility.

For me – they scream – Let them Eat Cake.  Those French pastels, accented by black and white that are the hard shell, that once bitten, gives way to a softness.  We need those contrasts in our home, in our work spaces, and of course in our natural environment whether that be a seaside local, a mountain range, a lazy river or a desert, they spring to life when you are subjected to the sharp contrasts.

wing 1

Marie Antoinette . Kirstin Dunst in all that sugary glory.

No. 4 is all about innocence so I am considering bringing the sophistication in a tree, and decorations that are all black, white, and gold.  A balance between decorative and organic.  Can I pull it off.  I have just a few days to figure it all out.

Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving.

On Point with Pink

Sometimes I stubbornly forge my own path, trying to convince others along the way that there’s value in my point of view.  It can be exhausting, and somewhat discouraging.  Now I am not saying that it’s not worth the effort, simply that when others happen already agree that I am right, I can’t say I hate it.

pink 4

M. Flynn . in the pink.

My travels through the neighborhood yesterday – on a day that can only be described as dreary, raw, and rainy, reaffirmed my belief in the color pink.  It’s as if all the shops that I visited knew it was just the infusion of cheer I was searching for.  Like my friend and Yoga Coach, Amy Coleman says, “when the sun doesn’t shine outside, we bring it in”.  then she follows that with what feels like a million Sun A’s until my limbs are on fire, I am gasping for breath, and my cheeks are radiating heat and energy.  If the sun is blazing red, pink is rosy warmth.

pink 3

Birds of a feather . Flock to M. Flynn.

First stop – M. Flynn. 40 Waltham Street . South End – a lovely jewelry store owned and operated by two sisters, Molly and Meagan Flynn.  Aside from the dazzling jewels they feature, the eternity bands, and beachy bracelets they carry, the store is always appointed with fresh cut flowers that make it feel celebratory.  It’s walls are painted in pale pink and off-set by white floors and ceilings, their messy industrial nature keeps it from feeling too prissy.


Lekkar . hello cream puff. How is it possible you’re 20% off too?

Spirits lifted I next stopped at Lekker Home . 1313 Washington Street . South End –  I had heard word of  a pink sofa with gold legs.  In what scenario was I NOT going to visit that cotton candy delight?  None.  It was lovely, and if it wasn’t 84″ long (too big for No. 4) I would have tossed my newly upholstered Verellen out like a boy toy I’d grown tired of – just kidding Verellen – I adore you.


Yes Way – Rose.

Rose you say?  Which way – off to BRIX Wine Shop where they were having a Rose pouring, and India Hicks Trunk Show.  1284 Washington Street. South End.  Klaudia and Carri, aka “the BRIX Chicks” are as happy and complex as the wines they sell, the stories they share, and all the shades of Rose that are offered.  If you want to expand your repertoire beyond Whispering Angel and Miraval (Angie and Brad’s wine), pop in for a visit.  I promise, it won’t feel like class, the stories they share run the gamut from enchanting to scandalous.  Pick your poison.

pink 1

Hudson Boston . Casting a flattering glow.

Next off to Hudson, where I was so happy to see a lamp, whose heavy black base was accented by a enormous pink shade.  It was just the subtle touch needed to take the edge off.  Jill knows.  Pop on by at 12 Union Park Street . South End. 

All that pink, and… being right, put the pep back in my step.


Make Me Blush

Go ahead, make me.  I’ve had a fondness for pink for ages.  Long before this most recent obsession that has everyone from restaurants to upscale homes crushing on this pretty pastel.  I painted my bedroom pink in my second property and loved how it made me feel. The soft complimentary light, the calming effect it has after a dusty day that tried its darnedest to make you into a dull girl.  It brings a little rose to the cheek.  It makes your lips curl up just a bit at the edge.  Men don’t have to admit to liking it, but I know many do.


Sketch . London – 2 of those chairs arriving today in pale cream!

Today, my beyond fabulous painting that I purchased from Blue Print Store in Dallas will arrive here in Boston after its stopover in New Orleans.  Don’t ask, I just request they tell me when to be there to receive it.


Blue Print Store . Dallas . TX – Stephanie Shank Artist



Runway . Right way.

Kid Gloves will be knocking on the door between 2 – 5pm and guess what colors they will be delivering?  Pink, and blue, and mint, and peach, and red, and black, and my steady and enduring lovely…gray.  This painting will be the centerpiece of my next project.  Tink (that’s my sister) told me in no uncertain terms I wasn’t to buy any new furniture for this one…I crossed my fingers when I promised I wouldn’t.  Really, aside from me going broke and having to live with her when I am old and gray, what could she possibly have in which to object?  She is the happy recipient of many of my cast offs.  The Surf Shack has my beautiful apple green lamps from One King’s Lane adorning the matching Bungalow 5 white dressers, and complimenting the organdy tray ceiling accent color and Designer’s Guild striped curtains.  Come to think of it my little Omph slipper chair from Charlestown is in that bedroom too.  I’ve been thinking about re-upholstering my 6 month old day bed from Restoration Hardware and making it a centerpiece of her living room – another project I am working on for her now.  I digress.

Saltie Girl . Back Bay . Boston – @christiano336

Back to the super hot topic of this really warm color.  Pink.  Is it dangerous to paint a living room in this hue.  I’ve been dying to…do just that.  I saw a sweet little property yesterday that I allowed my imagination to go wild with a redesign.  A good sign that I have a fondness for the place.  It’s been well loved over the years (read:  super warn and in need of some TLC).  Until I find a boyfriend, I have plenty to spare, and want to put it to good use.  An offer will go in.


Featured in Domino Mag – back in the day.

Seems like I am doing a lot of finger crossing these days.  If it chooses me, I just may have to engage in a “Blush with Danger”.  Would you do it?  Paint a living room pink?  Would you object if I did?  Please do tell.